Nature inspired decor by Roost, not just for the nursery
June 20, 2008, 9:52 pm
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Actually Roost is not a company for children’s items, but their whole range of nature inspred lamps, vases, stools and what not is just too gorgeous to be left out. Besides, they do have a couple of really nice items that would fit perfectly into a nature inspired nursery, or one with classy chic, because even though the designs are nature inspired, they are anything but rough and country style. Quite on the contrary, Roost’s whole collection has a very unique and elegant look to it. Take a look at these lamps and you will immediately know what I’m talking about:

Made of matte porcelain, the owl lamp emits a warm, soft light. The birdcage lamp made of the center stalks of palm fronds has a white light diffusor inside with a bird stenciled on it and a cage door. As usual with fragile items that are not designed for tiny hands, you will have to keep them out of your child’s reach until they are old enough to handle them. But of course that is really not a problem for these items, as the owl lamp would look amazing on a shelf and the birdcage lamp being a pendant will be out of reach, but still visible to be admired, anyway.

Each bird from the flock of swallows mobile is handcarved from basswood and hung on a debarked, natural branch. The barnyard animals actually are an item for children, for those older than five years at least. They are made from wood, filt and natural fibres and come in a set of goat, sheep, pig and donkey.

Available at Velocity Art and Design, porcelain owl lamp $121.00, birdcage lamps $230.00-270.00, flock of swallows mobile $140.00, brushy barnyard animals $36.00.

It’s black, it’s white, it’s an Ige mobile

As I have already hinted in my replies to some of your comments, I will be talking about black and white items today.  Not only have I posted so many bright and colorful things in the past days that I felt it was time for a change, I’ve also gotten the idea to switch to some objects with a bit more classy-chic appeal today, after reading that Angelina Jolie is supposed to have wasted a fortune on chandeliers, cashmere toys and Versailles-style furniture for her twins.  Well, I’m not quite sure I believe this, since we’ve never seen her children dressed up in any posh designer clothes like Suri Cruise.  And I definitely won’t be talking about anything even remotely in that price range today, but it still inspired me to post about items with an elegant appearance.

I think I’ve said before that silhouette works are fascinating, and so are mobiles.  So what could be better than combining the two? Ige Design has some really great mobiles that are so pretty, not only will they fit any age group, they will fit any room as well!  Now that’s really a great purchase you won’t regret. For one, your children will not outgrow Californian designer Helene Ige’s timeless designs, but if their tastes should change, instead of letting it gather dust up on the attic, you can simply hang the mobile into the living room, or the office, the bedroom…

Her style is influenced by having lived in New York and Los Angeles, as well as by her Japanese roots, and is detailed, but still elegant and not flamboyant.  Helene’s work comprises silhouettes of birdcages and chandeliers, sure to give a girl’s room just the right amount of playfulnes, without being too flamboyant or ornate.  Another detail I like is that you can also get a stand for your birdcage or birdhouse mobile, so your feathered stencil-friend can be perched right next to you, instead of hovering above, and the kids can enjoy ‘feeding’ him.  Though it must be said her art is meant for adults and not intended as a toy, so you should keep the mobile out reach from too tiny hands or keep a watch on them. The bird mobiles are not only available in black, but also in ivory, which will make a nice contrast in front of a dark wall. Furthermore, fitting right into yesterday’s category, there is even a beautiful owl mobile available!

Available in her online shop, $55.00 for the chandelier mobile, $65.00 for all other mobiles, $75.00 for a bird stand.