Create an Old Amsterdam nursery, with Kast van een Huis furniture
June 19, 2008, 8:23 pm
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Today’s feature is on nursery decoration, and not in just any style, but Dutch style, and that all over. From furniture to decals or toys, all my picks are based on typical Dutch architecture.

Just take a look at this lovely furniture range from Dutch company Kast van een Huis, this design perfectly represents what is essential about old Dutch houses that it catapults you right into the Netherlands, and gives kids many inspirations for imaginative play. The closets were created having old canalhouses of the 17th and 18th century in mind, which are common for many parts of the Netherlands, Amsterdam in particular. After all, which one of us would not have liked to have city of our own as a kid, to play all sorts of fascinating things, from mimicking mom’s shopping spree to extinguishing imaginative fires? The product range includes beds and closets in various sizes, colors and gable styles. For those who want to combine their Holland interior with modern times, they also have a range of skyscraper closets.

The closets of Kast van een Huis (which quite fittingly means closet of a house, by the way) are stable and designed for multipurpose use, so whether you use them for heavy books or leightweight toys, they will work just fine. Moreover, whether you just use a single one as centerpiece, or create a whole cityscape, either way they will look beautiful. And not just in your child’s room, they would make an original addition to your study as well! Additionally, they are spraypainted from all sides, so they also make excellent room dividers!

Kast van een Huis’ quality products are produced in the Netherlands, made of MDF and have an environment friendly coating, and can even be custom painted. Of course these unique products are a little more expensive than standard furniture, a standard closet will cost you € 615.00, a standard toddler bed € 715.00. However their products are also available unfinished, so you can custom paint them yourself, and that of course makes for a nice price cut, of about € 200 per item. Ordering via email from their website, payment either cash or via bank transfer.