Architecture inspired: People will always need plates … and coloring books

I guess naming your company People Will Always Need Plates is a bit of an unusual (an lengthy) name, but at least it’s true.  If you believe their product range, then people will also always need tea towels, badges and prints, oh and not to forget coloring books for the little ones.  Now what makes this company so special is its design: these are not the typical flower, fruit or animal collections, but blueprints of mostly modern architecture. The coloring book contains 23 of their designs, everything from modernist penthouses to gregorian townhouses. Should you be craving for more architecture after seeing the book, you can of course always get some plates, because perhaps you have heard, people always need plates! 😉 Ordering is a bit difficult though, since they don’t offer a regular online shop, UK buyers have to get an order form from their website and send it in with a cheque, while foreign customers need to contact them first. Seems like the 21st century has not arrived everywhere… Oh well, it’s their business of course, but I am certain a lot more people would like to buy their items if they had a working online shop! I almost forgot, the coloring book sells for £5.