Beds, dolls and more from Mies en Moos
June 20, 2008, 9:52 pm
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OK, I guess I am sort of stuck on Dutch design right now, so here comes another one! Actually, I do feel a little bad providing you that link, as the Mies en Moos website is only available in Dutch and oh so ‘smartly’ designed that their webpresence merely consists of screen-size jpgs, so the google translator won’t work. But their products are beautiful, so I just could not keep them to myself.

Aren’t these dolls called Lijsje (Caucasian girl), Gijs (boy) and Lin (Asian girl) adorable? Lijsje is available in several haircolors and hairstyles, and always wears a unique dress. All dolls are 73cm tall. Custom-made dolls are also available, e.g. to resemble your child; it is even possible to ask for a handicapped doll.

There are even two doll beds available for Lijsje and her friends. What’s even better, the beautiful bedding can be bought, too.

The beautiful wooden bed you see is called Ella’s bed and is available in toddler and twin size. Custom-made cribs and cradles are also available in the Ella design.

I think this girls closet called Ella’s kast (kast=closet) is simply beautiful and works very well in a country style interior, and of course in combination with the matching bed. Standard closet: 200cmx100cmx60cm, one side clothes rail, other side shelves, but it can also be custom-made, and there’s also a Chinese style closet available.

Mies and Moos do not offer a real webshop, but you can order via email ( Ella’s kast starting from € 595.00, Ella’s bed: toddler size € 299.00, twin size € 349.00, dolls €34.95 each, cast-iron doll bed € 74.95, wooden doll bed € 49.95, doll bedding € 19.95. Unfortunately though, I have to curb your enthusiasm, because they say furniture can only be picked up and will not be delivered by mail (this of course does not include the doll beds).

Create an Old Amsterdam nursery, with Kast van een Huis furniture
June 19, 2008, 8:23 pm
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Today’s feature is on nursery decoration, and not in just any style, but Dutch style, and that all over. From furniture to decals or toys, all my picks are based on typical Dutch architecture.

Just take a look at this lovely furniture range from Dutch company Kast van een Huis, this design perfectly represents what is essential about old Dutch houses that it catapults you right into the Netherlands, and gives kids many inspirations for imaginative play. The closets were created having old canalhouses of the 17th and 18th century in mind, which are common for many parts of the Netherlands, Amsterdam in particular. After all, which one of us would not have liked to have city of our own as a kid, to play all sorts of fascinating things, from mimicking mom’s shopping spree to extinguishing imaginative fires? The product range includes beds and closets in various sizes, colors and gable styles. For those who want to combine their Holland interior with modern times, they also have a range of skyscraper closets.

The closets of Kast van een Huis (which quite fittingly means closet of a house, by the way) are stable and designed for multipurpose use, so whether you use them for heavy books or leightweight toys, they will work just fine. Moreover, whether you just use a single one as centerpiece, or create a whole cityscape, either way they will look beautiful. And not just in your child’s room, they would make an original addition to your study as well! Additionally, they are spraypainted from all sides, so they also make excellent room dividers!

Kast van een Huis’ quality products are produced in the Netherlands, made of MDF and have an environment friendly coating, and can even be custom painted. Of course these unique products are a little more expensive than standard furniture, a standard closet will cost you € 615.00, a standard toddler bed € 715.00. However their products are also available unfinished, so you can custom paint them yourself, and that of course makes for a nice price cut, of about € 200 per item. Ordering via email from their website, payment either cash or via bank transfer.

Dutch style wall decals by Zuuz
June 19, 2008, 8:23 pm
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When I was preparing my post about Eliza Gran’s kids fashion I was browsing Bloesem Kids to give you the link of her Eliza Gran interview. And while doing that, I came across these superb wall decals that Irene was blogging about, and which so perfectly complement the Kast van een Huis furniture reviewed above. Finally, I took the time to write a feature on them, and here you are:

Zuuz is a Dutch company that produces a range of beautiful wall stickers in all sorts of styles. In my opinion, what really makes them special out of the huge mass of wall decal designers are their Amsterdam designs. Frankly, I have never seen a similar decal design before, and it looks just oh so pretty, whether on walls, furniture or any other smooth surface (perhaps even in an nostalgic kitchen)!

But you have to see these decals in a real setting, Irene has the most beautiful pictures of them in her B:Kids Zuuz post, and I just thought I’d borrow them to display here. Aren’t these decals amazing? And by the way, so is her blog, in case you haven’t checked it out yet. The design harmonizes perfectly with the white furniture and gives the room a chic, classy appeal. Simply beautiful, whether for boys or girls (in this case, these photos are from a baby boy’s nursery).

Ordering via their website. Amsterdam chalkboard and wall decals € 46 each. The decals are available in a range of colors and both come in sets of four (2×2 houses).

Lief! modern Dutch design with a traditional twist

Lief! (Dutch for sweet) is a relatively new Dutch brand that is becoming increasingly popular. Considering their clean modern designs, which are inspired by traditional symbols such as clogs or windmills, this is really not surprising. The combination is simply great, as all Lief! designs are simply beautiful. They offer a wide variety of products, for example clothes, nursery decor and toys. All items are made in a wonderful style, unique to Lief! Here is a small selection:

Fortunately, even if you are nowhere near the Netherlands to visit one of their stores, they also have a webshop , which also accepts credit cards, something quite unusual I have come to notice, as most Dutch shops I have surfed so far only accept payment via the Dutch iDeal platform. Unfortunately though, I cannot find an Engish version of the site. But as there is not much text to read, I assume you will do just fine,and otherwise you can always access Lief! via the google translator. E.g. quilt € 99.95, coat hanger € 17.95, night light € 5.95. Currently, they also have several nice items on sale, up to 70% off!

Colorful, patterned cuteness with a retro feel: Pakhuis Oost

For a while now I’ve been thinking about a fitting daily topic that I can introduce Pakhuis Oost to you.  The difficult thing is, ALL their stuff is gorgeous, which makes it really hard to decide under which heading to put them.  But I guess i’ll be blogging about some other of their products sometime soon.  Anyway, I thought today was the perfect day to talk about Pakhuis after I’ve been focusing on a more clean, modern appearance, rather suitable for boys or teens in the last two days.  So finally, I decided it’s time again to add some playful cuteness, mixed with bold colors and great style, just anything a typical girly-girl or just any kid in general, can relate to.

A little background info: Pakhuis Oost is a Dutch company founded in 1995, whose motto is joyful living and creating happiness with its  children’s products.   And it really shows!  They have a wide product range franging from toys to lighting, coathangers, tableware and beyond.  Take a look:

Unfortunately, Pakhuis Oost does not have an online store on its website, and searching for non-Dutch retailers was a bit difficult.  However, I have found two webstores that have quite a nice collection of their items.  Check out Rose and Radish and The Cherry On The Cake

Dutch creative play: kidsonroof’s totem and popje

Ok, let’s move the European creative play tour to the Netherlands, to the smart products of Kidsonroof to be precise, whereof I am presenting the popje doll and the totem building kit.

The name already speaks for itself, as popje means little doll in Dutch.  But, you will be wondering, what makes this doll so unique? Well, simply said, its open design.  Popje is not the typical doll with blond curls and a tutu or sundress.  Instead, she has tweak of abstract design mixed into her looks, so she can be whatever the child imagines her to be.  Quite fittingly, on the Kidsonroof website she is described as follows “Popje is a girl or a rabbit, a doll, or a smiling cat that came from India. Maybe she is Russian, or maybe she’s you.”

Let’s now move to their Totem line:  These are cardboard building cards in a variety of shapes and some really cool and unique prints, giving the rocket, house or whatever creation it may be, the additional usage of not only a fun toy, but also some nice piece of room decor, something you don’t have with too many building toys.  Plus, the totem line is available in a boy and a girl edition, so everyone gets the prints they like, and little girls don’t have to borrow their big brother’s toys!

Available at the Kidsonroof website.

Enchanted forest felt design by Mijnes

Is there any other word for these bags than beauuutiful?? Wow, these handmade bags with felt decoration by Dutch brand Mijnes are simply gorgeous! And not only are there styles for boys and girls, but for moms as well. I suppose there will be a wide competition on who gets what, as they have a big collection ranging from diaper bags to pillows and crib bags (and many more), all equally unique.

Unfortunately though, I need to slow your enthusiam, because all their amazing and detailed designs make the production of these items quite labor intensive, which shows in the price tag. But if you don’t mind shelling out 99€ for a crib bag, or 225€ for a diaper bag e.g., then they’re yours!

Available at the Mijnes website.