Momoll: Modern wooden toys from Switzerland
June 23, 2008, 9:00 pm
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I will end today’s focus on modern wooden toys with a peek at Swiss company Momoll’s toys. Their products really have a minimalistic edge to them, quite undertandable, when considering that Momoll’s intention for the Playtower Thing 3 was to design a multifunctional playhouse whose design would be appealing to boys and girls alike! But Momoll also produces other beautiful items as well, such as the Playtower Ding 4, doll house furniture, the Lili play kitchen or the RayRay doll house, which can be collapsed when not in use, and is hence especially suitable for small apartments, where space is scarce.

Both playtowers have a simple structure that can be assembled and disassembled easily and whose modular construction opens up the possibilty to extend the playsphere by adding an (almost) infinite number of additional floors. Additionally, both sets have a designer facade of either colored plexiglas or silk-screened birch plywood sliding walls. The minimalistic design opens up a child’s creation, because it is not limited to one environment: The playtowers can convert themselves into car parks, hospitals, skysrapers… whatever the kids imagine them to be.

Available either directly at Momoll, at US shop Spunky Sprout (RayRay doll house $352.00, Lili play kitchen $440.00) or UK shop Little Fashion Gallery (RayRay doll house £160.50, Lili kitchen £165.00, plexiglas playtower £157.00).
Yes, the prices are a bit higher than standard doll houses and wooden toys, but then you have a true multi-purpose designer toy with superb looks and great functionality, which is designed, developed and produced by hand, all in Switzerland, a country known for its quality craftsmanship!

Imagiplay’s imaginative animal puzzles, beauty in wood
June 13, 2008, 3:11 pm
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Today’s last items are Imagiplay‘s wooden puzzles.  I have to say, these are not the ordinary wooden toddler puzzles you see so many times.  Not only are their designs amazingly detailed and creative, but most are actually made for kindergarten or preschool children.  Some of their animal puzzles are composed of complete animal puzzle pieces so they can be used not only for puzzling, but for playing farm or jungle as well.  Imagiplay’s product range is so huge, kids will surely find their favorite animal.  From safari to sealife, or from farm to nativity scene, it’s all available!

To make things even better, these puzzles are handcrafted and handpainted from plantation wood, so they are eco-friendly as well! Plus, Imagiplay’s products are so beautiful, you want to display them on the shelves for everybody to see, and they look just perfect together in combination with the other animal objects presented today.  Here are two of my favorites (though I’m not really sure I do have a favorite, I just love them all!) aren’t the animal shaped pieces awesome:

Available in the Imagiplay online store. Animal alphabet $49.99, dinosaur puzzle $19.99,

Creative rocking toy from Germany: Sirch’s Olga
June 3, 2008, 4:17 pm
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I am sticking with the wooden toys and now present you – well, let’s call it a rocking toy, because it is certainly not a rocking horse in a traditional sense – Olga, from Sirch’s Sibi toy range.  What makes this product so great is its simplistic design, which makes it very adaptable to any kind of pretend play that children come up with, because let’s face it, kids are much more creative than playing horse all the time.  So with Olga, they can go wherever their imagination leads them:  Maybe one day, they play polar expedition and the rocker becomes a snowmobile, maybe the next Olga will be a roller coaster in a theme park, or maybe a swan drawn carriage out of some fairytale fantasy.

And this toy will certainly not only be loved by kids, but by parents as well: Just look at this great minimalistic design, this is one of the few toys you won’t feel sorry if your kids drag it into the living room, because it will make a great-looking accessory anywhere.

Available at Velocity for the, yes I admit, a little steep $300.00, but then you have a great all-woden, handmade-in-Germany, quality toy, that is not only great to play with, but also looks exceptionally nice.  So I guess it is worth the price tag.

Enchanted forest felt design by Mijnes

Is there any other word for these bags than beauuutiful?? Wow, these handmade bags with felt decoration by Dutch brand Mijnes are simply gorgeous! And not only are there styles for boys and girls, but for moms as well. I suppose there will be a wide competition on who gets what, as they have a big collection ranging from diaper bags to pillows and crib bags (and many more), all equally unique.

Unfortunately though, I need to slow your enthusiam, because all their amazing and detailed designs make the production of these items quite labor intensive, which shows in the price tag. But if you don’t mind shelling out 99€ for a crib bag, or 225€ for a diaper bag e.g., then they’re yours!

Available at the Mijnes website.

The most adorable envy of the playground: Giddygiddy hair clips
June 2, 2008, 3:54 pm
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Some of you might have heard of these before, but they are just too precious not to be mentioned again, these super adorable Giddygiddy hair clips.  And I figure moms are always looking for some great ideas to adorn their daughters’ hair with some clips and barrettes that are cute and unique looking at the same time.

Well, these accessories have it all, plus such great designs that will even make the least craft gifted mom look like the queen of everything homemade ready to compete with Martha Stewart.  Moreover, they also have the ultimate cuteness factor and will surely be equally loved by moms and kids alike and would make an excellent accessory for photoshoots with your loved ones, too.

And if your little girl is in this phase of pulling all the ribbons and barrettes out of her hair, these may just do the trick! Though I fear there’s still one problem: they are so adorable, you will probably have to invent some great story to convince your child to take them off at night!

Available at the Giddygiddy website