Berg Toys Moov 4in1 kit: Today a scooter, tomorrow a racer…
June 23, 2008, 9:01 pm
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I finally came around to write about wooden items as I had actually planned to do yesterday, and I have just the perfect item to beginn with, the Moov by Dutch company Berg Toys. This is a fabulous wood, steel and rubber construction toy that lets your kids create a scooter, a racer, a carver or a trike, all from the included pieces, and they don’t even need any tools or srews to do this! All vehicles are fully functional and have steel axels, wooden boards and pneumatic tires and can be assembled easily. This product truly promises endless fun for 5-12 year olds: Build your favorite item, play with it until you get tired, disassemble it and start over again!

Available at Hamleys, £189.99. For other retailers check the Moov website.

More of Playsam’s modern classics: from rocking toys to jetliners

It’s been a while now since I’ve introduced Playsam’s Streamliner and Xtreamliner cars on SunnyKidstyle, so now it’s definitely time to come back to this fabulous Swedish company and tell you, which other great products they have in store, because all of them share a magnificent, modern and simple design.

Just take a look at their Airliner and Jetliner series, just as beautifully designed as the Streamliner, only that this time, the outcome is not a little toy car, but an airplane. For those kids who like it even faster, they have a Formula 1 and an oldtimer racer in their collection, while budding little sailors will surely enjoy the beautiful sailboats.

And the good news don’t finish there quite yet, because Playsam has just the perfectly designed item for each family member: Your littlest ones will surely enjoy the Swedes’ interesting twist to rocking toys with this rocking rabbit, or this beautiful Saab ride-on, while teenagers or adults might be more tempted by these gorgeous JoJos,pens and key chains.

Design buffs on the other hand will surely fall for their incredible Playtown and Saab 001 concept car: Not that all of Playsam’s items aren’t masterpieces of design already, but especially these last two products are modern art in perfection and would make the perfect sculpture to display in your living room! The polished wooden pieces of the Playtown represent the four most characteristic sights of Sweden’s capital Copenhagen, i.e. The City Hall, Kaknaes Tower, The Globe and The Royal Castle. The superb quality of this set shows in the details: The City Hall’s crown is made of silver and palted with 23 carat gold! On the other hand the Saab 001 model is inspired by Sixten Saxon’s prototype of the Saab Concept Car 92001, which did not look like a normal car, but was futuristic and aerodynamic design in perfection. The modern design of this wooden toy, or rather piece of art, brings the charm of the origninal Saab home with its wonderful sophisticated design. Check them out yourself:

While researching Playsam’s products, I found even more interesting things: In 2006 Fitzsu Society, a Los Angeles based store for modern design home accessories, had gathered a group of designers from around the world to create their own interpretation of Playsam’s cars. While the most beautiful products are of course sold by now, I could still find a few beautiful ones available:

Among others, the whole collection of Playsam products can be bought at US shop UnicaHome except for for the playtown, or at UK shop Juuka . The Fitzsu designer GP cars can be bought at Fitzsu .

More racing fun with kiddimoto bikes and wheelybugs
June 15, 2008, 6:58 pm
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Now that we have already entered the section of racing toys, I just have to continue with Kiddimoto bikes.  This is the same great company that has brought us the wheelybug, this ingenuous ride-on toy with castors that run just as smooth as swiveling office chair wheels.  They can hence turn in any direction and make this product thus lots more fun than a regular ride-on, which usually gets boring once the child is old enough for pedal cars, not to mention they are outgrown quite quickly as well.  The wheelybug on the other hand comes in two sizes, for 1-3 year olds and 2-5 year olds, and it certainly does not get boring (anyone who has ever done a little hallway racing with office chairs in the past  will know what I’m talking about).  In addition, the castors provide for better gross motor skill development than standard ride-on wheels.  Don’t just just love fun developmental toys?  And oh, they are beautiful, too!  Available in a lot of animal themes, all really adorable, ranging from the classical bugs and bees to tigers and mice!

OK, now that we have the littlest ones covered, let’s move on to racing fun for older children, because Kiddimoto also produces a great-looking balance bike for 2-5 year olds. As the name already tells, these are designed to look like motorcycles. I find this such a great idea, as I assume I wasn’t the only child fascinated by the speed of motorcycles and consequently imagined I was on the race tracks when riding my brother’s BMX bike. The kiddimoto is thus a great balance bike with a fresh look. In my previous post on the balance scooter I have already pointed out the huge list of advantages of using a them. Among which: development of motor skill and sense of balance, no stabilisers needed when switching to a real bike, gives mobility to children, allows them to go longer distances and last but not least, they experience pride and joy when mastering their ‘bike’. However, as I think most balance bikes, as awesome as they may be, are a bit plain looking, I am always up for some intesting designs, and the kiddimotos definitely have the looks.  Here are some photos of the superbike and scrambler version:

Available on the Kiddimoto site, small wheelybug £42.99, superbike £89.99.  For the real racing experience you can even add exhaust pipes and custom names or logos!  If you don’t care for these extras, check out Tots Corner, they offer the bikes for £10 less, also the wheelybugs are a bit cheeper there!

Schylling toys: Let grandpa get nostalgic
June 11, 2008, 12:29 pm
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Today’s feature is still missing one important thing, that part children care about the most, the toys that is.  The most affordable source for great vintage reproductions I could find is Schylling.  They really have some sweet tin toys and ride -ons that will make grandpa wish he were a little boy again, just so he could hop on that little racer like he used to in the good old days.  So letting your little ones bring along their nostalgic toys the next time you visit the grandparents may initiate some great story-telling and reminiscence of their favorite childhood memories.  And I bet your kids will find it quite fascinating to hear about a world of non electric, non-battery operated toys.  Schylling’s old-style robot toys on the other hand are just the right thing to make dad go back in time.  So whichever you chose, nostalgic fun is guaranteed!  But if you don’t care for a historic chit-chat, Schylling’s range of classical toys is fun to play with anyhow, and a real eyecatcher in the playroom, too, one you will be proud to put on the shelves, and don’t want to be hidden away in a toy box.

Available in Schylling’s online shop, ride-on $ 79.99, carousel $ 24.99, robot $ 17.99, plane $ 14.99.