Modern decor: Mikromart Fold-up sculptures

Again, this design is not specifically designed for children, and I suggest to either put these up on a high shelf as long as the kids are still of an age where they may either brake these design pieces, or hurt themselves.  But I find these steel fold-up sculptures by Mikromart truly amazing.

The concept of a 3D pop-up is so simple and still, there is something fascinating about the look of stencilwork, that makes these Mikro cubes by London designer Sam Buxton so interesting.  Furthermore, wouldn’t they be a true gem in a boy’s room with their timeless design?  Maybe not the garden theme above, but most themes are rather masculine, like the ‘car’ and ‘mars’ themes, or check out the weight-lifter below.

Available on the Mikromart website, prices vary between 7, 25 and 65£, so you can even get a Mikro sculpture if you don’t feel like spending a fortune!