Berg Toys Moov 4in1 kit: Today a scooter, tomorrow a racer…
June 23, 2008, 9:01 pm
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I finally came around to write about wooden items as I had actually planned to do yesterday, and I have just the perfect item to beginn with, the Moov by Dutch company Berg Toys. This is a fabulous wood, steel and rubber construction toy that lets your kids create a scooter, a racer, a carver or a trike, all from the included pieces, and they don’t even need any tools or srews to do this! All vehicles are fully functional and have steel axels, wooden boards and pneumatic tires and can be assembled easily. This product truly promises endless fun for 5-12 year olds: Build your favorite item, play with it until you get tired, disassemble it and start over again!

Available at Hamleys, £189.99. For other retailers check the Moov website.

After vintage Wednesday comes retro Thursday: A balance scooter from skippertoys
June 5, 2008, 6:20 pm
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I liked the idea of having a historical theme, so I varied it a bit for today and voilà, there it was, today’s retro Thursday, with a bit of mod appeal blended in.  So of course, thinking about mod style, my first item for today had to be this übercool balance scooter by Skippertoys, which is designed with the classical appearance of an italian Vespa in mind.  So now your tots can really play in style! Look at these pictures, isn’t it just such a great, stylish variation of the classical balance bike?

Of course there is nothing wrong with a traditional balance bike, in fact it is an absolutely ingenious product, giving your child the freedom to move, and join you on even long strolls to the park, hikes or wherever, without whining.  But more than that, they effortlessly exercise their sense of balance and their motor skills, so when it is time to step up to a real bike, this won’t take any effort at all, and your child won’t even need any stabilizers.  So just a great product that takes away parents’ worries from teaching their children how to ride a bike, because they learn it intuitively with the balance bike, without the fear of falling, because the feet can always be used to prevent the bike from tipping.  And above all, kids love it because of the huge fun factor involved: moving around at higher speed, going down sloped terrain, once they master the balance bike a bit better, or simply the proud feeling of being able to be ‘biking’ already.

But then, the traditional models just look somewhat dull in my opinion, with their unvarnished plywood look.  To me, they always look a bit like a dad’s DIY project.  Fortunately, style has moved into the balance bike department with these Vespa inspired scooters.  The name of the iconic Vespa already sais it all: These things look cool!  They are made of 12mm plywood with hardwearing lacquer and rubber wheels, suitable for ages 2-5, and come in red, black and two shades of pastel (blue and pink).

Available with a 22% discount, for £77.00 from Fatbananafeet, including seatcover.  They have all colors except blue.  If you desperately want a blue one, check out Objects of Design, available for £95.00, also including seat cover.