Creative rocking toy from Germany: Sirch’s Olga
June 3, 2008, 4:17 pm
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I am sticking with the wooden toys and now present you – well, let’s call it a rocking toy, because it is certainly not a rocking horse in a traditional sense – Olga, from Sirch’s Sibi toy range.  What makes this product so great is its simplistic design, which makes it very adaptable to any kind of pretend play that children come up with, because let’s face it, kids are much more creative than playing horse all the time.  So with Olga, they can go wherever their imagination leads them:  Maybe one day, they play polar expedition and the rocker becomes a snowmobile, maybe the next Olga will be a roller coaster in a theme park, or maybe a swan drawn carriage out of some fairytale fantasy.

And this toy will certainly not only be loved by kids, but by parents as well: Just look at this great minimalistic design, this is one of the few toys you won’t feel sorry if your kids drag it into the living room, because it will make a great-looking accessory anywhere.

Available at Velocity for the, yes I admit, a little steep $300.00, but then you have a great all-woden, handmade-in-Germany, quality toy, that is not only great to play with, but also looks exceptionally nice.  So I guess it is worth the price tag.