Nature inspired decor by Roost, not just for the nursery
June 20, 2008, 9:52 pm
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Actually Roost is not a company for children’s items, but their whole range of nature inspred lamps, vases, stools and what not is just too gorgeous to be left out. Besides, they do have a couple of really nice items that would fit perfectly into a nature inspired nursery, or one with classy chic, because even though the designs are nature inspired, they are anything but rough and country style. Quite on the contrary, Roost’s whole collection has a very unique and elegant look to it. Take a look at these lamps and you will immediately know what I’m talking about:

Made of matte porcelain, the owl lamp emits a warm, soft light. The birdcage lamp made of the center stalks of palm fronds has a white light diffusor inside with a bird stenciled on it and a cage door. As usual with fragile items that are not designed for tiny hands, you will have to keep them out of your child’s reach until they are old enough to handle them. But of course that is really not a problem for these items, as the owl lamp would look amazing on a shelf and the birdcage lamp being a pendant will be out of reach, but still visible to be admired, anyway.

Each bird from the flock of swallows mobile is handcarved from basswood and hung on a debarked, natural branch. The barnyard animals actually are an item for children, for those older than five years at least. They are made from wood, filt and natural fibres and come in a set of goat, sheep, pig and donkey.

Available at Velocity Art and Design, porcelain owl lamp $121.00, birdcage lamps $230.00-270.00, flock of swallows mobile $140.00, brushy barnyard animals $36.00.

Schylling toys: Let grandpa get nostalgic
June 11, 2008, 12:29 pm
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Today’s feature is still missing one important thing, that part children care about the most, the toys that is.  The most affordable source for great vintage reproductions I could find is Schylling.  They really have some sweet tin toys and ride -ons that will make grandpa wish he were a little boy again, just so he could hop on that little racer like he used to in the good old days.  So letting your little ones bring along their nostalgic toys the next time you visit the grandparents may initiate some great story-telling and reminiscence of their favorite childhood memories.  And I bet your kids will find it quite fascinating to hear about a world of non electric, non-battery operated toys.  Schylling’s old-style robot toys on the other hand are just the right thing to make dad go back in time.  So whichever you chose, nostalgic fun is guaranteed!  But if you don’t care for a historic chit-chat, Schylling’s range of classical toys is fun to play with anyhow, and a real eyecatcher in the playroom, too, one you will be proud to put on the shelves, and don’t want to be hidden away in a toy box.

Available in Schylling’s online shop, ride-on $ 79.99, carousel $ 24.99, robot $ 17.99, plane $ 14.99.

Creative rocking toy from Germany: Sirch’s Olga
June 3, 2008, 4:17 pm
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I am sticking with the wooden toys and now present you – well, let’s call it a rocking toy, because it is certainly not a rocking horse in a traditional sense – Olga, from Sirch’s Sibi toy range.  What makes this product so great is its simplistic design, which makes it very adaptable to any kind of pretend play that children come up with, because let’s face it, kids are much more creative than playing horse all the time.  So with Olga, they can go wherever their imagination leads them:  Maybe one day, they play polar expedition and the rocker becomes a snowmobile, maybe the next Olga will be a roller coaster in a theme park, or maybe a swan drawn carriage out of some fairytale fantasy.

And this toy will certainly not only be loved by kids, but by parents as well: Just look at this great minimalistic design, this is one of the few toys you won’t feel sorry if your kids drag it into the living room, because it will make a great-looking accessory anywhere.

Available at Velocity for the, yes I admit, a little steep $300.00, but then you have a great all-woden, handmade-in-Germany, quality toy, that is not only great to play with, but also looks exceptionally nice.  So I guess it is worth the price tag.