Mini labo: adorable soft toys, decals and more
June 25, 2008, 10:31 pm
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Bonjour tout le monde 🙂 I decided that I will be dedicating today’s posts to beautiful French products and will kick right of with Mini Labo‘s fabulous items. They produce beautifully printed pillows, cuddly soft toys (or doudous, as the French call them), screenprinted posters, wall decals and even bags, badges and notebooks! The wonderful Mini Labo style includes ornate flower and bird prints with a vintage feel, but they also have signature fawn and dog designs among others.

Take a look at their notebooks and bags, so many beautiful designs to choose from.

Aren’t Mini Labo’s soft toys just beautiful? So colorful and cute, they include a whole range, whose creation was partly inspired by Alice in Wonderland (from top left to bottom right): le lapin d’Avril (the April rabbit), le chat sourit (the smiling cat), love cat, Simon and le nouveau lapin d’Avril (the new April rabbit)

But Mini Labo also has beautiful pillows, the ‘il y a un arbre’ (there’s a tree) cushion is my favorite:

And last but not least, Mini Labo’s beautiful wall stickers,wouldn’t they look great in combination with the Roost birdcage lamp I blogged about earlier?

The whole collection is available at Mes habits chéris, one of the few French onlineshops with an English website. All of the doudous, except for the Simon the bear, can also be bought at Ahbookids.

Dutch style wall decals by Zuuz
June 19, 2008, 8:23 pm
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When I was preparing my post about Eliza Gran’s kids fashion I was browsing Bloesem Kids to give you the link of her Eliza Gran interview. And while doing that, I came across these superb wall decals that Irene was blogging about, and which so perfectly complement the Kast van een Huis furniture reviewed above. Finally, I took the time to write a feature on them, and here you are:

Zuuz is a Dutch company that produces a range of beautiful wall stickers in all sorts of styles. In my opinion, what really makes them special out of the huge mass of wall decal designers are their Amsterdam designs. Frankly, I have never seen a similar decal design before, and it looks just oh so pretty, whether on walls, furniture or any other smooth surface (perhaps even in an nostalgic kitchen)!

But you have to see these decals in a real setting, Irene has the most beautiful pictures of them in her B:Kids Zuuz post, and I just thought I’d borrow them to display here. Aren’t these decals amazing? And by the way, so is her blog, in case you haven’t checked it out yet. The design harmonizes perfectly with the white furniture and gives the room a chic, classy appeal. Simply beautiful, whether for boys or girls (in this case, these photos are from a baby boy’s nursery).

Ordering via their website. Amsterdam chalkboard and wall decals € 46 each. The decals are available in a range of colors and both come in sets of four (2×2 houses).

Colorful, hippie wall decals by Anna Wand
June 18, 2008, 5:43 pm
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I said last week I would probably feature some more of Anna Wand’s products (click here for my last feature on their products). Well, these hippie-style stickers are just perfect for today’s feature with all their vibrant colors, flower themes and peace symbols.

Available at Design 3000 , and hopefully soon, the Anna Wand website will also be available in English (at least they say so), as you can also order directly from there.

Blik’s ‘race ya’ wall decals
June 15, 2008, 6:58 pm
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I am finishing today’s racing theme with Blik’s ‘race ya’ wall decals.  These great stickers are reusable and, like some other wall stickers, will not only stick on walls, but on any smooth surface, hence also on furniture.  This is a great product to create a boy’s room with 3D play space, as the decals are certainly not only a pretty room decoration, but are also a cool toy, taking racing with toy cars to a new level!  The re-stick function offers the advantage of continually changing the layout of the race tracks.  So if your little one wants to have it’s own formula one races in the play room, and rebuild the circuits of Bahrain, Hockenheim or Monza, no problem!  Since the colored car decals are also reusable, Ferrari does not always have to be the winner!

Available at Modern Nursery for $35.00.

Wonderful animal wall decals from Anna Wand

Wow, these are one of the most beautiful wall decorations I have found so far, and I am even so much in love with German company Anna Wand’s products that I think tomorrow I will feature some more on a different topic!  Now for the linguistic brainiacs among you, though the company name sounds like the name of its founder, Anna Wand is actually a funny wordplay, because it reflects the phonetics of sloppily saying “on the wall”, which is “an der Wand” in German.  Anyway, lets move on to their products, here are some pictures:

I really like how the fish and dragonflies bring the pink water lily scene to life, and all designs would work amazingly well with the Petit Pan kites reviewed above. The next stickers would match as well, or even better.  They give the room a bit of Asian flair and have a really unique design for wall decals.  Besides, wouldn’t the pink lampion look gorgeous in combination with the water liliy decals?  It is just the right amount of pink to add to a girl’s room, without making it too girly.  And they are equally suitable for all age groups, from baby to adult, which is a good thing if you don’t feel like redecorating every year or two in order to keep up with your constantly growing and developing children.  In fact the design is so great, it would work anywhere in the house.

Available at Design3000, dragonfly lampion 49.00€, butterlflies size m 59.00€, available in a multitude of colors.

From Ligne Noire to Wee Gallery: Black&White for little ones
June 10, 2008, 2:01 pm
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Initially, I had planned on writing this post about Italian Ligne Noire’s range of children’s and baby clothes, they are just so unique looking with their black and white designs, and perfectly embody that elegant chic which I chose as today’s topic.  Of course, I also had Wee Gallery’s items on my mind, when thinking about black and white items, but I thought their products are already quite known, and I should rather focus on a more rare pick.  Well, turns out that Ligne Noire is in fact so rare, I could not find a single online store that sells their clothes.  Which, sadly enough, crushed my plans to introduce their great designs to you.  But their website is still worth checking out, here are some pictures:

Anyway, so I decided to turn my attention to Wee Gallery’s products instead, and I have to admit, it’s not a bad choice or even trade of at all!  First of all, their designs are gorgeous, and secondly, having posted some items for older ones today, these items are especially made for babies and toddlers.  Their range encompasses flashcards, flashcard mobiles, canvas prints and wall decals in different themes, such as garden or jungle.  All styles depict black and white animals  with interesting patterns and shapes, in order to stimulate the visual development of your littlest one, while also teaching the older ones animal shapes.  Now this is a room decoration that excels at combining beauty and educative value, something quite rare, I find!  So take a look at their gorgeous designs:

Available on their website, flashcards £10.00, wall decals £30.00