Sunny design: Alexander Girard’s La Fonda Del Sol Carpet Tiles

Today it’s gray and rainy outside, so what options do you have, but to take the sun inside, if it doesn’t want to shine for you outside?  And who would be more apt to do just that than Alexander Girard?  If you have never heard of him, you may switch to my post above, where I’ve given a very brief introduction, or you may just contine reading and check out his increadible work by looking at these photos.

The La Fonda del Sol line by Girard was created for the, surprise surprise, La Fonda del Sol restaurant in 1960.  Though this restaurant has long disappeared from New York, his designs remain and are just as stunning and happyiness inducing as always, with their vibrant colors and folk-inspired sun-prints.  The whole La Fonda collection actually comprised a whole lot range of interior design, from wall-decor and table-ware to pillows and carpets.  Unfortunately, the other items are not available at the moment, I would have loved to introduce you to the La Fonda pillows.

But luckily, FLOR has introduced a carpet tile collection based on his sunny design 🙂 And though it is not specifically designed for a children’s room, and will certainly look great anywhere, with its warm colors and friendly faces, the La Fonda del Sol prints are surely perfect for a nursery or playroom.  Not to mention the tiles are made of soft velours and easy to clean, should a mess occur, and can even be pulled up and cleaned in a sink, if disaster strikes.  The pull-up feature is also great, if you want to rearrange the tiles, to give the room a new look, which is a truly great feature for children whose tastes will change many times.  Now you can have a carpet that develops with your  children, and introduces them to some great, timeless mid-century art as well!

The FLOR tiles come in packs of six, with large suns (one sun per tile) in the variants Azul (blue), Mandarina (orange) and Verde (green) and with small suns (nine suns per tile) in the multicolored Piqueño.

Available at FLOR, $159.99 for a six tile rug.

funky, modern wall art: Lea’s Alphabets by Grégoire Ganter

After having reviewed vintage inspired design yesterday (see below), I thought it was time to switch to the modern period and review some contemporary pieces of funky children’s design.  I will start today’s posts with a walldecor that’s hip and does not have any of the usual children’s stuff cutesy.  Additionally, it looks great together with the LoJo Ball, which I am also reviewing today.

Lea’s Alphabets by Grégoire Ganter is a great example that shows how kids can have their room decorated in a fresh style, that is entertaining (many details and pictures to watch), educative (children can learn the alphabet, learn that there are different fonts, and associate objects with letters, just as in ‘normal’ alphabet imagery for kids) and timeless (his designs are not only for little one’s, but look also appeal to teenagers. And even many adults, I suppose, would not mind hanging his pictures on the wall). But above all these advantages, his prints just look great! Take a look:

As you could see, there is a huge variety of themes available from the Lea’s Alphabets range, you can have and a-z print composed of just food, for example, or just using one specific color.  Also, you may pick a one letter print, featuring a collage of many objects starting with that letter and many different fonts.  Or perhaps, you just want a single letter-picture combination, maybe to have your child’s initial as the focal point of the nursery.  His prints are also available as postcards, and you may even contact him for custom work, e.g. spelling out your son’s or daughter’s name.  All big prints are available in several different sizes.  They are limited editions of 100 pieces, signed and numbered on the back, and printed on matte, archival paper, so you will have to frame them properly, if you want to enjoy them for years to come.

Available on his website,  a set of 26 a-z postcards for $52, small letter or alphabet print for $200, big prints for $500 (also in-between sizes available).  And one last picture:

Funky, modern seating: the LoJo Ball

As today’s topic is modern design, the LoJo Ball fits right in, with its funky appearance.  This variable seating has a sphere shape, held together by a surrounding zipper.  If zipped, the LoJo can function as a stool, a foot rest, or simply a room decoration.  If unzipped, it turns into a low lounge chair.  It is a variation of a standard beanbag, since it is also filled with the same beans, but still its design is very distinct from that of a bean bag.  Though this product was actually designed for adults in mind, rather than children, I think it really shine’s in a modern kid’s or teenager’s room.

And let’s face it, kids love to sit low on the ground, the lounge chair function would be great for them, plus, even the smallest ones can already sit on the unzipped LoJo, but we adults mostly prefer more elevated seating positions, and the LoJo’s design is simply too cool, to be left zipped up all the time.  Hence, the perfect stylish children’s seating for play, reading and relaxing, without the common cutesy.  And who would have thought, they even have a mod themed one that matches really well with the Herbie-style baby shoes I reviewed just yesterday!

The LoJo can be ordered on their website for £99.00.

Modern decor: Mikromart Fold-up sculptures

Again, this design is not specifically designed for children, and I suggest to either put these up on a high shelf as long as the kids are still of an age where they may either brake these design pieces, or hurt themselves.  But I find these steel fold-up sculptures by Mikromart truly amazing.

The concept of a 3D pop-up is so simple and still, there is something fascinating about the look of stencilwork, that makes these Mikro cubes by London designer Sam Buxton so interesting.  Furthermore, wouldn’t they be a true gem in a boy’s room with their timeless design?  Maybe not the garden theme above, but most themes are rather masculine, like the ‘car’ and ‘mars’ themes, or check out the weight-lifter below.

Available on the Mikromart website, prices vary between 7, 25 and 65£, so you can even get a Mikro sculpture if you don’t feel like spending a fortune!